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Don’t serve a drink, serve an experience and a story. Explore the range of REAL Tonic Syrup, and other premium bar accessories too. When you buy Swedish Tonic non alcoholic Snaps, you know it is handcrafted with the best quality raw materials. Unlike the artificial substitutes in so many other Tonic brands. Create a bar experience in your very own home or find the perfect gift for a loved one!

Swedish Tonic uses real Cinchona bark to formulate its artisan brew. Real Tonic should not be transparent, and we are proud of the Amber glow in our lovely products. This premium tonic syrup is brewed, strained, blended, filled, sealed and labeled all by hand. Enjoy the authentic flavours of freshly pressed citrus, agave for sweetness and juniper for the bite.

Proud winner of the Swedish Designer Awards 2019 and Pentawards Gold 2020. You can now buy the best tonic syrup and other non alcoholic snaps online from us with fast delivery, Australia wide.