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Premium Bar and Cocktail accessories designed in Stockholm by Mixoligists themselves! High-quality finishes and sophisticated packaging make these a wonderful gift solution too. Create Cocktails like a pro at home!

Scandinavian Bar & Cocktail Accessories

Home bar accessories are essential tools and decorations for anyone who enjoys mixing drinks or entertaining guests at home. They can range from functional tools like shakers and strainers to decorative items like glassware and coasters. Having the right cocktail accessories means you can create bar-like cocktails at home. Below are some home bar accessories that you should have. 

  1. Shakers: Shakers are essential for mixing cocktails. The most common type is the Boston shaker (a metal tin and a mixing glass). A fantastic piece when setting up you bar accessories.

  2. Jiggers: These are small measuring devices used to accurately pour liquid ingredients into cocktails. Perfect for your bar cart.

  3. Bar Spoons and Muddlers: Long-handled spoons used for stirring cocktails, layering drinks, or muddling ingredients. This is an esssential is your bar accessories kit. 

  4. Ice Buckets and Tongs: Essential for keeping ice handy for drinks. Tongs make it easy to grab ice without using your hands.

  5. Glassware: Various types of glasses are used for different types of drinks, including cocktail glasses (martini, margarita, etc.), highball glasses, rocks glasses (for whiskey and other spirits on the rocks), and wine glasses.

  6. Coasters: Protect your furniture from water rings and spills while adding a decorative touch to your home bar.

  7. Citrus Juicer: Freshly squeezed juice can elevate the flavor of cocktails. Handheld or electric citrus juicers make it easy to extract juice from lemons, limes, and oranges.

  8. Bottle Opener: An essential tool for opening bottled beers and some types of bottled drinks.

  9. Cocktail Recipe Books: Collections of cocktail recipes and mixology guides to inspire creativity and expand your repertoire.

Investing in quality home bar accessories can enhance your bartending experience and impress your guests. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a beginner enthusiast, having the right tools and decorations can elevate your home bar setup.